2018 Digital Advertising Trends: Which Predictions Came True [Infographic]

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At the end of each year, marketers predict what to expect in the coming year: How will consumer behavior shift? How will Google update its algorithms? How will legal changes affect our marketing plans?

Now we’re well over the 2018 hump, and programmatic advertising provider Choozle surveyed US consumers to compare their experiences with the predicted trends in digital advertising this year. It then took the findings of that Digital Advertising Trends 2018 survey and turned them into the infographic below.

So, was the crystal ball accurate?

The survey results revealed that consumer sentiment opposes many of the expected trends, and recent events might actually be exacerbating consumer negativity toward online advertising. Some key findings:

  • 7 in 10 consumers do not prefer video ads over other types of online advertisements, despite predictions that video would be a major trend in 2018.
  • Nearly half (43%) of respondents felt negatively toward online advertisements—up 9% from a similar survey conducted in April 2017.
  • Over three-quarters (78%) of respondents think the US government should adopt stricter privacy and security standards.

The infographic outlines the survey’s findings and their implications for advertisers, broken down into three categories: preferred ad platforms/types, consumer behavior, and personal data and privacy. Tap or click to see a larger version.

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